Residential Group Fitness

Let's face it. Your residents want high-quality, unique amenities and living experiences they can't get anywhere else. Supporting your building's community and their health gives you the competitive advantage in welcoming (and keeping!) happy residents.

Let Vively help you become the premier place to live. 


Now serving the San Francisco Bay Area community.

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Why Vively?


Boost Your Brand

Unique amenities help you stick out from the crowd. Our tailored wellness programs help your building offer something that's exclusively yours.


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Be the Talk of the Town

We stay up-to-date with the latest fitness trends and get our best tips and tricks from SF's top fitness pros. That means when residents aren't sweatin' it up with us, they're out on the town talking about the high-end workout they're getting right at home.

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Smiles For Miles

Exercise gives you endorphins, and endorphins make you happy! Give your 'hood something to write home about. 5-star Yelp reviews? Referrals to join an awesome community? Count us in!

Our Services



While living at your property, residents will experience boutique fitness right at home. Vively implements a unique and carefully crafted program similar to what you would find at high-end fitness studios. Our classes focus on sculpting lean, tone muscle, increasing endurance, mobility and flexibility and are suitable for all levels.



Vively will provide equipment, mats, towel service and ambiance. All your residents have to do is show up for an epic sweat! 



We're more than a fitness company. We're a community and lifestyle! 


Want to learn more about bringing Vively to your community?


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